Aww. I saw this on Line Webtoons~ #HOPE

Aww. I saw this on Line Webtoons~ #HOPE

Kawaii in Manila 2 | 09-16-14

When I first saw Kawaii in Manila 2's poster at Kawaii Philippines' fanpage, I felt really excited because I have always been a fan of Japanese culture and the kawaii lifestyle!~When the kawaii PH team looked for booth exhibitors, I did not let the chance pass!~ Honestly, I did not anticipate that my shop would make it but hey! Finally! I was able to share my crafts through an event glimmering with kawaii people and Japanese culture enthusiasts!~

Kawaii PH founders, Anne Pinero  and Kaila Ocampo ,
during their “Changing the world with KAWAII” talk~ They are truly inspiring!~

Thank you so much Shutter Panda Photography!
*I got so kilig when I saw this photo*

Okay so here’s the thing.. I was really anxious about selling at an actual booth again because I have been distressed by my previous experience. I was not able to sell that much at a certain event. On the bright side, with the help of the Kawaii Ph team, I was able to reclaim self-confidence. When they started to promote each of the exhibitors’ pages, I realized that there were people who appreciates my crafts.

As the day of the event came closer, #KawaiiinManila2 posts became viral! It was a happy virus! (Wait, what? Is that even legal?) Anyways, I became more inspired in crafting kawaii accessories~ My heart was filled with kawaii greatness and crafty fairies which helped me in the process.~  September 6, 2014, a day which I will never forget~ *drum rolls* I was able to double my sales through Kawaii in Manila 2!!! It was my first time to experience that!~ To tell you the truth, I was trying to raise funds for my bebe Xian the dog’s medical needs~ With the help of Kawaii PH team/Kawaii in Manila 2, I was able to pay for my dog’s vet needs and gave my mom a part of my earnings! It’s amazing how this event could actually result in saving one’s life and make other people happy!~

Dorotee Sweetlips x Kawaii in Manila 2

March with the Red Queen | Collection by Dorotee Sweetlips

Razel Ann

Xiarlotte Fuentes

Rots Torres


Photography by: KL Portraits

Jennica Garcia a.k.a. Dear Cat Lady

Credits to:

Justine Chantelle, a great friend of mine and the woman behind Dorotee Sweetlips, showcased an exquisite lolita fashion show through  ’March with the Red Queen’ collection.  I am really happy for her! Her works will always inspire me~ Always and forever~

I.AM.SO.HAPPY.BECAUSE.I.SAW.MS.TRICIA.GOSINGTIAN!!!!! I got a selca with her too!!! I really look up to her!~ I actually dream of Spring Marionette being worn by her~ That is of course if I’ll start on my premium deluxe collection~ Sounds like whuut? Is it redundant? haha!~

Congratulations Kawaii Ph team!!!

Credits to: The Craft of Anne Kate Pinero

~*Please continue to inspire people and change the world through KAWAII!*~

Thank you once again Kawaii in Manila 2~ I enjoyed all throughout the event!!! I saw my close friends, met new found friends and awesome people such as Ja, Beru, Xiar, Rots, Ellaine, Barbie, Selene, Jennica Garcia, Chai Mungcal, Chichi Romero, Celina Cruz, Anne Pinero, Kaye Romero, Kaila Ocampo, Ashley Dy, Miggy Aquino, and many more! Kawaii in Manila 3 please!

You’ve Got Baked Cafe Experience | 06-29-14

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll see that I have been to You’ve Got Baked Cafe for a couple of times. This cafe is just 5 minutes away from our place which is mainly the reason why it is really accessible for me. I love how Laguna Belair Village 2 finally has a cute and chic cafe wherein either family members or a group friends could chill at!~

I love how they used variety of flowers to accentuate their interior! The ambiance is just so refreshing and relaxing! There was a time when I dined-in with my girl friends and little did we know that we’ve almost spent 3 hours there! We actually thought that it was still around 4pm only to know that it was the lighting that made us think that it was still sunny outside! Talk about great lighting and overall ambiance!~

5 days ago, my best friend and I decided to catch up and chill at You’ve Got Baked. We also asked our little sisters to come with us. It was Ikka’s (right) first time there and she actually found the bakery super cute! Look at how close they are already despite the fact that they haven’t seen each other for almost 5 years!~

They really enjoyed their Red Velvet cupcakes! 
When I wasn’t going vegan yet, I was able to taste all of their cupcakes back in April and I have to say that the cake itself was dry though I really love their frosting. I’m not sure how it tastes now but my mom and friend hold the same sentiments. I guess it would be great if the cake would be a bit more moist and soft so that everything would actually complement well. Btws, their oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies are to die for! In any case, that is just my two cents. It might be their style or signature. Everyone’s opinion are different but if I could rate the cupcakes then it would be 3.5/5.
Coffee: 4/5
Frappe: 5/5 (according to some of my friends)
Cookies: 5/5
Price: 5/5 (Very reasonable!)
If ever they would have vegan options, you bet I’ll visit 1-2 times a week!

I love the overall concept of their Interior! If you could see on the photo, there’s an improvised library for book geeks out there! Hence, there are also board games for children or even adults for them to play with! Isn’t that a very clever concept? We often play Snakes & Ladders! You’ll never get bored in this cafe! 

Some more of my two cents, I think it would be better if there were more tables which followed the proper ergo for cafe furniture. It was too low for me and my friend who studies architecture. Well, I study Interior Design so yeah maybe it’s just us who are meddling onto the slightest details! hahaha! Nonetheless, everything is just so chic and nice! I love their white distressed bricked column! And oh, their staff are really friendly and accommodating too! Thumbs up for that!

Overall experience rating: 9/10

{My Instagram photos at YGB}

BLUSH SM Kids Fashion | 05-23-14

A couple of months ago, my kawaii friend, Barbiedoll Chua, sent me these Blush dresses which were designed by her. All of the designs are really playful which makes it easy to style whether you want a sweet, dainty, punk, or casual look. Every time I stroll around SM Department store and come across Blush’s designs, I feel like I’m always in a kawaii haven! Not only Blush are for kids and pre-teens, but also for adults like me with a “fun-size”! hihi!~ Thanks again Barbie for sending these!~ I’m definitely going to wear these outdoor with a refreshing look next time!~

Cecile’s Cafe | 2-13-14

Nanay & I shared this vegetable lasagna~ It was extremely delicious! I love how they fused spinach with tomato! I’m going to order it again next time!~ However, their sweets aren’t sumptuous enough for us. There’s room for improvement though! My favorite among their menu: 100% Homemade Cacao Chocolate! It’s completely vegan!


Razel Ann is a 21 yr. old craft artist at Spring Marionette who aims to make the world a better place for sentient beings through crafts portraying animal compassion and vegetarianism.

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